Our green iniatives

We strive to be as sustainable as possible

All our lighting is energy efficient LED.

We wash all our laundry in cold water. (The heat of the dryer does kill all viruses)

We are in partnership with Green Circle Salon to  recycle and dispose of all our products and salon waste in the most sustainable way possible.  This means you can feel good about getting your hair done and that you are actually contributing and having a positive effect on the environment with every haircut and colour! Together, we CAN make a difference!

Hair clippings:

  • Your hair can be turned into bio-composite plastic to make new products
  • Your hair can be made into hair “booms” that help soak up oil spills
  • Your hair can also be composted with other organic waste.


All those foils, containers; what happens to them?

  • They are sorted and made into aluminum sheets that are used to make new products.

Paper/ Cardboard:

All paper and cardboard is sorted, broken down into pulp and made into new paper products.


All plastics are sorted, broken down and used to make new products.

Even our excess hair colour is turned into clean energy by being separated into water and oil (used for fuel).