Winnie N.

Name – Winnie N
Level – Advanced Stylist
Born – Vancouver, BC
Personal Style – Chic and Feminine


Your go to for:

Layered cuts
Killer Blow-outs
Knowledge of hair care
Vivid Colours


Winnie loves making her clients feel their best and having a great salon experience.  You will love her open and friendly personality who will put your needs first and will give you the best education for your haircare.  Winnie is working hard on her craft by taking as many classes as she can.  She is so excited about her career and creating the best look she can for you and your lifestyle.   Don’t miss out on your opportunity to book with Winnie!!


Thu –  10am  18pm

Fri –  10am  18pm

Sat –  10am  18pm

Sun –  10am  18pm


Includes shampoo –  styling

Clipper$ 43 CAD
Designer$ 64 CAD

Colour Services

Full colour

Retouch$ 75 + CAD
Short$ 80 + CAD
Medium$ 90 + CAD
Long$ 107 + CAD

Super Blonde

Short$ 96 + CAD
Medium$ 118 + CAD
Long$ 133 + CAD


Short $ 96 + CAD
Medium$ 118 + CAD
Long$ 139 + CAD
Partial Head Long$ 118 + CAD
Back to Back Babylights$ 160 + CAD
Balayage$ 160 + CAD

Chemical Texture

Short $ 130 + CAD
Medium$ 190 + CAD
Long$ 230 + CAD